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July Educational Program

Dear Families,

We begin talking about communication or how we share our ideas with others. Through this unit, the children will become aware of the different ways we communicate: through our voices, letters, using hands signals, and body language. They will also become familiar with machines that are used to communicate, such as the television, radio, computer, typewriter, and telephone.

At School
Some of the learning experiences planned for this unit include:
. a sign language demonstration
. a phone booth in a dramatic play area
. a typewriter and computer in the writing center
. songs and books about communication
. a wireless telephone on the science table

At Home
it is important for children to learn their telephone number for safety purposes. Help your children learn your home telephone number (This is also something we will be practicing at school.) To make practicing more fun, construct a toy telephone with your child. Two paper cups or empty tin cans and a long piece of rope, strings or tarn are needed to make a telephone. Thread the string the two cups and tie knots on the ends. Have two people hold the cups and pull the string taut. take turns talking and listening. The sound vibrations travel through the sting and you will not hear a busy signal.
Enjoy your children as you share concepts and experiences related to communication.